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Adding a page to a Workspace
You might want to think of a Workspace as a miniature Web page that you target
for a specific group of users. Just like Web sites that come in both small and
large varieties, your Workspaces can expand to fit your needs. Each page of
your Workspace is actually a list of items. Therefore, when you add a new page
to your Workspace, you are (in essence) creating another list of information.
You must first create an item before you can add it to a Workspace. It isn’t
possible to add a list or library from another application or Workspace,
although you can import information from an external source into one of
your Office Live lists.
Here’s what you need to do in order to expand your Workspace:
1. Click Workspaces on the home page Navigation bar.
As you would suspect, the Workspaces page cranks open.
2. Click the Workspace that you want to modify.
For example, click Customer Workspace if that’s the one you’d like to
modify, tweak, or change in some other way.
3. Choose Create New from the Common Tasks drop-down list.
The Create page opens, showing you various lists you can add to the
Workspace. If you hover your mouse pointer over any of the options, a box
magically appears, explaining the option in greater detail (see Figure 9-11).
Figure 9-11:
Adding a
list to a
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