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4. Click the item that you want to add.
The New Web page opens, as shown in Figure 9-12.
5. Fill in the name and description for the item, and whether you want it
to appear on the Navigation bar.
6. Click Create to create your new page.
When you’ve finished, the item appears as a tab in the Workspace.
Deleting a page from a Workspace
The purpose of creating Workspaces is to share information. The purpose
of adding pages to a Workspace is to share even more information. It only
stands to reason that the more information you have, the larger — and more
used — your Workspace is. After setting up all those great Workspaces,
however, you might find that no one is using them. Okay, that might be because
your users aren’t doing their jobs — or it might be because the pages you
added aren’t pertinent to the task at hand.
You’ll find that removing a page from a Workspace is easy; follow these steps:
1. Click Workspaces on the Home page Navigation bar.
Once again, the Workspaces page opens.
Figure 9-12:
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