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2. Click the Workspace that you want to modify.
3. Click the tab for the item that you want to delete.
The appropriate page of your Workspace appears.
If you don’t see the tab you’re looking for, you may have added so many
tabs that they all can’t all appear on-screen at the same time. Click the
More tab and you find a drop-down list of all your other tabs.
4. Click Settings on the toolbar and choose the appropriate settings
This step is a bit confusing because what you get on the Settings
dropdown list depends on what page you’re changing. If you’re deleting a
discussion board, the option reads Discussion Board Settings (see Figure
9-13). If you’re deleting an announcement page, then the option would
read Announcement Settings .
At any rate the Customize page opens.
5. Click Delete in the Permissions and Management section.
Again, the option depends on the type of page you’re deleting from your
Workspace. If you’re deleting a discussion board, the option reads Delete
This Discussion Board, as shown in Figure 9-14.
Figure 9-13:
The Settings
option for a
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