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Figure 9-15:
Editing a
4. Click Add a Web Part on the section of the Dashboard where you
want a Web Part to appear.
The Add Web Parts page opens (see Figure 9-16). The page is divided
into two sections:
Lists and Libraries: Lists all the pages contained in your Workspace.
All Web Parts: Includes several cool tools to help you customize
your Dashboard. For example, the Content Editor Web Part allows
you to change the wording that appears in your Dashboard; the
What’s New Web Part adds a section to include all new items that
have been added to any of your pages.
5. Place a check mark next to the items you want to add, and then click
the Add button.
The new section now appears in the Dashboard.
6. (Optional) To remove an item, click the X next to the item.
7. Click Exit Edit Mode when you’ve finished customizing the
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