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Here are three ways a user can log in to the Workspace:
Go to and click the Sign In link. By using this
method, you don’t have to worry about remembering the Office Live
Web site URL. A window opens asking for your e-mail address and
password. Fill it in and you end up in the home page of the Office Live
account. Click Workspaces and you see only those Workspaces that you
have permission to access.
Access the home page directly by going to https:// yourwebsitecom .
officelive . The yourwebsitecom part is the name of the domain you
registered when you created your Office Live account. Remember to use
https (rather than the more typical http) because of the extra level of
security that surrounds an Office Live account.
Enter https:// yourwebsitecom.officelive Workspace to go directly to the /
Workspace. The part is your domain and Workspace
is the URL you used when creating the Workspace.
Using the user’s view
The cool thing about Office Live is that an administrator can configure the
Workspaces, Navigation bar, and Dashboards, so the user can focus on adding
data to the Workspace rather than having to learn all the minute
customization capabilities of the program. However, each user has the ability to use —
and customize — personal Dashboards. For example, a Workspace might
contain six pages but the user might only need to work with three of them. By
modifying the Dashboard, the user can focus on those three without having to
view information that isn’t relevant. Only the user who created the Personal
Dashboard can view it — and can switch back and forth between the company
Dashboard that the administrator created and the personalized Dashboard.
Only the site owner or Workspace administrator can allow a user to access a
Workspace. Without that permission, a user cannot create a personalized
Dashboard for a Workspace or add pages to an existing one.
Until you customize the Personal View, it’s identical to the Company View.
Follow these steps to customize the Personal View of a Dashboard:
1. Click Workspaces from the Navigation bar.
The Workspaces page opens.
2. Click the Workspace for which you’d like to customize the Dashboard.
You land in the Dashboard of the selected Workspace.
3. Select Personal View from the View drop-down list.
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