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4. Choose Customize Dashboard from the Common Tasks drop-down list.
The Dashboard is now in editing mode (refer to Figure 9-15).
5. Click Add a Web Part on the section of the Dashboard where you
want a Web Part to appear.
6. Place a check mark next to each item you want to add, and then click
the Add button.
The new section now appears in the Dashboard.
7. Click the X in the upper-right corner of each area of the Dashboard
that you don’t want to appear.
8. Click Exit Edit Mode to save your changes.
Adding data
The whole point of a Workspace is to enter and store data that other users can
access and share. Some users only use the Workspace to see data that has
been entered by other users. If you’re one of those people, you can put down
this topic, flip on the tube, and take a snooze. However, if you plan to enter
data into a Workspace, you’ll have to postpone your nap for a minute or two.
A Workspace is nothing more than a list of data. Even if you create more and
more complex Workspaces by adding additional pages, each page is still
nothing more than a list of data. You can edit list items by using either a form
or a datasheet.
Adding information using a form
Using a form is the most common way that you’ll probably add information
into a Workspace. The good news is that a form leaves little to your
imagination; you’ll stick to the necessary facts — and just the facts. The bad news is
that using a form can be somewhat time-consuming because you have to type
in your information one item at a time.
To input information into Office Live using a form follow these steps:
1. Click Workspaces from the Navigation bar.
The Workspaces page opens.
2. Click the Workspace that you want to work with.
You’re on the Dashboard of the Workspace in question.
3. Click the tab of the page you want to work with.
Depending on the Workspace you’re using, you might have a bunch of
choices here. You can choose to add new documents, appointments, or
even Web-site links.
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