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4. Click New on the Workspace page toolbar.
The form that opens depends on the type of data you’re entering.
5. Fill in all the important information and click OK to save your changes.
Some forms, such as those used to schedule an appointment, have lots
of fields to fill out. Other forms, such as ones that add links to the
workspace, only have three fields that require information (see Figure 9-17).
Your item(s) now appear on the Workspace page.
Editing list items using a datasheet
If you have a whole bunch of data to add at one time, you’ll probably want to
use a datasheet to make your changes. A datasheet is a view of your
information that looks like a spreadsheet or table. You can add, delete, sort, and filter
list items while you’re working in a datasheet.
Here’s how you can add information into a datasheet:
1. Click Workspaces from the Navigation bar.
The Workspaces page opens.
2. Click the Workspace that you want to work with.
You’re on the Dashboard of the Workspace. (By now you’re probably
familiar with the drill!)
3. Click the tab of the page you want to work with.
Figure 9-17:
into a form.
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