Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
7. Click Actions from the toolbar and select Show in Standard View
when you’ve finished making your changes.
You return to the appropriate Workspace page where you can see all the
new information.
Deleting or changing an item
As the saying goes, easy come, easy go. You might need to change — or
remove — data after you’ve entered it into Office Live. Here’s all you need to
know to do exactly that:
1. Click Workspaces from the Navigation bar.
The Workspaces page opens.
2. Click the Workspace that you want to work with.
You’re on the Dashboard of the Workspace.
3. Click the tab of the page you want to work.
You see all the fruits of your labor — or, better yet, the fruits of other
people’s labor — sitting right there.
4. Click Edit next to the item that you want to change.
A form containing your data appears. At this juncture you have one of
two options:
• Make any needed changes in the form that appears, and then click
OK to save your changes and return to the Workspace page.
• Click Delete Item and click OK when the warning appears.
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