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Office Live. You can also drag appointments, tasks, and notes from one Office
Live account to another. It sure beats the heck out of adding all that
information to Office Live, one item at a time!
Figure 10-3:
Office Live
folders as
they appear
in the
folder list.
The Contacts form in Outlook contains more fields than the Contacts form in
Office Live. If you create a new contact in Outlook, and then synchronize it to
Office Live, you see only the Office Live fields. When you open the same contact
in Outlook, however, all the available fields — and their information — appear.
Deleting an Office Live account in Outlook
As cool as the synchronization is between Office Live and Outlook, all good
things must come to an end. The time may come when you no longer use an
Office Live account. You can delete an Office Live account from Outlook
exactly as you delete any other Outlook e-mail account. If you’re not sure
how to do it, follow these steps:
1. In Outlook, choose Tools
Account Settings.
The Account Settings dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 10-4.
2. Select the account that you want to delete and click Remove.
3. Click Close to close the Account settings dialog box.
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