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Figure 10-5:
Sending an
using your
Office Live
4. Click the Address Book drop-down list and choose the name of the
Office Live account that contains the contact you want to e-mail.
You can select more than one contact if you want to send mail to more
than one recipient.
5. Click OK to return to the New E-Mail Message page.
6. Click the Send button.
Zoom! Your e-mail hurtles through cyberspace to its intended destination.
Your recipient can recognize that the e-mail is from you because it carries
the name you selected when you set up your Office Live account in
Exporting a List to Office Outlook 2007
Before the advent of Office Live, companies used to spend $5,000 or more to
implement the infrastructure that would allow remote users access to key
information. They purchased a fairly robust server — and then called in an IT
specialist to configure it. They were forced to make decisions about
confusing technologies — VPN, IIS, Terminal Services — which, frankly, they didn’t
fully understand. The server required routine maintenance — and of course
the business owner was responsible for any costs incurred when something
“went wrong.” For smaller companies, remote access was a luxury they
simply couldn’t afford.
With Office Live, you can easily select various lists and libraries and export them
to Outlook so that you can view your Office Live information even if you don’t
have Internet connectivity. When you export a library or list, a link is created
between the list or library and Outlook and the items appear in Outlook in a folder
called SharePoint Lists. Any additions or changes that you make to the lists or
libraries in either Office Live or Outlook are automatically reflected in both.
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