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When you connected your Office Live e-mail account, personal calendar,
notes and contacts to Outlook, you did so by configuring Outlook. You can
export your Business Contact Manager Contacts, Employees lists, and items
in an Office Live document or picture library to Outlook. However, you do so
with some simple tweaking in Office Live. So simple, in fact, that you won’t
have to call in your IT guru — or break open your checking account!
Although exporting a list or library from Office Live to Outlook — and then
synchronizing it as changes occur — is a powerful feature, it’s surprisingly
simple to set up:
1. Select the list or library in Office Live that you want to export to
For example, if you’re exporting a Contacts list, click Business Applications
in the Navigation bar and then choose Business Contact Manager.
2. Select Connect to Outlook from the Actions drop-down menu.
The Microsoft Office Outlook dialog box appears.
You can’t export any list you may have — just the Business Contact
Manager Contacts, the Employee List, and document and picture libraries.
If you don’t see the Connect to Outlook item on the Action menu you
can’t export the list into Outlook!
3. Click Yes.
Depending on the size of the document in the library list, you might see
the Outlook Send/Receive flash in front of you as the documents are
synchronized to your Outlook account.
4. Scroll down Outlook’s folder list to SharePoint Lists.
If necessary, click the plus sign to expand the SharePoint Lists folders.
The Office Live folders are now safely nestled in Outlook (see Figure
10-6). And you can feel safe knowing that you can change a document
from either Office Live or Outlook — and still access the latest version in
either program.
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As a CRM consultant, my clients range from “Mom and Pop” organizations
running businesses from tree houses in backyards to Fortune 100 companies
with multiple locations. Ironically, no matter how large organizations may get,
they all have the same requirements regarding technology: Keep it simple,
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