Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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4. Click Run.
After a moment or two of whirring, a new program appears on your
screen — Windows Live Messenger. Another Web site opens, giving you
instructions on all the cool stuff that Messenger can do.
5. Gasp in wonder at Windows Live Messenger.
Okay, you don’t have to gasp, but you might look slightly impressed
because all of your Office Live contacts have magically appeared in
Messenger. Figure 10-7 shows Windows Live Messenger with Office Live
As an extra added attraction, if you make a change to your Web site, anyone
who has included you in their Windows Live Messenger account sees a
yellow asterisk next to your name if you’re logged in to Messenger.
Your Messenger contacts are organized in groups. Wondering where those
groups came from — or how to create a few more? The groups reflect the
ones you created in your Office Live Contacts.
From this point on, any new contacts you add — or update — using your Live
Mail contact list appears automatically in the Windows Live Messenger.
Figure 10-7:
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