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4. Select the check boxes next to the items that you want to restore.
All the items you deleted are listed in column format. You can click on
any of the column headers to sort the items in a different fashion. You
can even see the name of the culprit who deleted the item in the first
place. You might want to keep track of that information — it comes in
handy at bonus time!
5. Click Restore Selection, and then click Yes.
You’ll be so happy that all your previously deleted items are restored
that (no doubt) you’ll want to race over to the appropriate spots in
Office Live to check it out for yourself. It should come as no shock to
find them there — right where you originally put them.
Getting Your Books in Order
Traditionally, QuickBooks has dominated the small-business accounting
arena; Peachtree Accounting was the somewhat dismal second-place finisher.
Microsoft’s Office Accounting 2007 replaces the older Small Business
Accounting program; guess Microsoft is hoping that a name change will attract a few
more customers. Office Accounting has much the same look and feel of its
competitors but with a much smaller price tag.
But wait — there’s more! To further encourage mass exodus from its rivals’
camps, Microsoft is offering a couple of great incentives to switch to Office
Accounting 2007:
Integration with the Business Contact Manager portion of Outlook
Integration with Office Live
A free, Express version of Office Accounting 2007
A free Accountant View utility that allows your accountant to access
your books both manually and online
Microsoft is offering a basic version of Office Accounting 2007, called Office
Accounting Express 2007, for free (as in no extra charge) simply by
downloading it from the Microsoft Web site. So what’s the catch? Needless to say, you’ll
receive messages from time to time encouraging you to buy the full-blown
version of Office Accounting 2007. And Microsoft is (of course) hoping that
once you purchase Office Accounting, you’ll buy additional services such as
credit-card-and-payroll processing.
Office Accounting Express 2007 contains all the features you’d expect to find in
your accounting software — including the capability to track vendor payments,
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