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record invoices, and make life generally easier for your accountant. You don’t
need an IT department to install Office Accounting Express 2007. The Startup
Wizard helps to set up your company books, and you can easily import data
from other programs such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and Excel so you
don’t have to start from scratch.
Now comes the fun part. By uploading and storing your files on an Office Live
Workspace, you can access the information from any place where you have
Internet access. You can take care of accounting tasks while on the road, and
share information with your accountant.
Office Accounting Express 2007 includes a feature that integrates with eBay.
You can list items, upload and manage pictures, and track activity in real
time. Further integration with Outlook lets you send invoices in an e-mail
message and include a direct link to your PayPal account.
If you don’t plan on using Office Accounting Express 2007, feel free to skip the
rest of this chapter.
Sharing information with your accountant
Getting your tax information to your accountant can be a nightmare. You can
try e-mailing the file but the file may be too large. You can burn it to a CD but
you may find that process confusing. You can copy it to a USB drive and hope
that the accountant returns it. If you still have a Zip drive, you might create
your backup on one of those relics — although it’s doubtful that your
accountant will even be able to use it. However, Office Accounting Express 2007
combined with Office Live makes the job seem almost too easy.
If you signed up for an Office Live Essentials or Premium account, you have
the option to upload a copy of your Office Accounting Express 2007 backup
to a Workspace. Your accountant can then access the information online and
import it into his or her system.
After you complete the initial setup, it’s a snap to send your data back and
forth. However, there are several steps involved:
1. You transfer a manual copy of your books to your accountant.
2. The accountant enables you as a client with manual sharing rights, and
sends you an invitation to start online sharing.
3. You accept the invitation from the accountant and start sharing your
books online.
In addition, both you and the accountant must have Microsoft Passport
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