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Transferring a review file
to your accountant
The online option for Accountant Transfer allows you and your accountant to
have a quick and secure method of transmitting your financial data back and
forth during review. To use the online option, both you and your accountant
must follow certain steps to enable this capability.
The steps you need to start with are very simple:
1. Open Office Accounting Express 2007 and choose Company
Company Information.
The Company Information dialog box, as shown in Figure 11-4.
Figure 11-4:
The Office
dialog box.
2. Fill in your Microsoft passport e-mail address in the E-Mail box and
click OK.
Microsoft is enhancing your security by making you use one of their
approved e-mail addresses.
3. Choose File
Send Books.
The Accountant Transfer: Send Wizard opens.
Accountant Transfer
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