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4. Choose the Send Books Manually option and then click Next.
Before the online option can be enabled, you must send a backup of
your financial data to your accountant manually. Office Accounting 2007
very nicely provides you with a wizard to help you out with this.
5. Select a cutoff date and click Next.
After you set a cutoff date, you can’t make any changes prior to that
date. This ensures that the information your accountant is using is
correct — thus saving you lots of money in professional accounting
services down the line!
6. Select who will run the payroll while the books are being reviewed
(you or your accountant), and then click Next.
7. Indicate where you will be saving the backup file, and then click Next.
You’ll need to indicate both the filename and location (see Figure 11-5).
Figure 11-5:
Creating an
copy of your
2007 data
When the data file has been received, you’re automatically added to
the My Clients table on the Accountant View with a status of Manual
8. (Optional) Give your file a password and then click Next.
9. Click Export, wait a minute or two, and then click OK.
You’ll have to wait while your computer grunts and groans its way
through preparing your backup file.
10. Send the backup file to your accountant.
You’re kind of on your own here. Just get the file to your accountant this
time — the next time will be much easier!
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