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Accounting for the accountant’s part
Your part of the transfer process is pretty much over. Now the accountant
comes in to play. Knowing that he or she is probably charging you by the
hour, Microsoft made the accountant’s part very easy — so easy that they’re
hoping everyone’s accountants will start requiring all their clients to use
Office Accounting 2007.
If your accountant is a little puzzled by Office Live, offer a copy of this topic
with this section highlighted:
1. Sign up for an Office Live Essentials or Premium account.
Think of all the postage you’ll save by being able to send all your client
files online. Think of the Web site you’ll have. Think of how cool you’ll
look to your clients when they realize you’re using the latest technology.
Think of the increase in your bottom line!
Not sure how to sign up for an Office Live account? Chapter 2 shows
you how!
2. Open the Accountant View.
When you install Office Accounting 2007 a folder appears on your Start
menu, containing some Office Accounting 2007 tools; the Accountant
View (see Figure 11-6) is one of them.
Figure 11-6:
View of
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