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Figure 11-7:
Sending an
to the client.
Accepting the accountant’s invitation
A few more steps must take place after the accountant sets you up as a client,
receives your backup file and sends you an invitation. Don’t worry — the
worst part is over!
Follow these steps to finish getting Office Live and Office Account Express
2007 working together:
1. Open the e-mail from the Accountant and click the link on the
invitation to accept.
The accountant’s Office Live Web site opens. Feel free to close it.
2. In Office Accounting Express, choose File
Accountant Transfer
Sign In.
You’re prompted for your passport e-mail and password.
3. Choose File
Receive Books.
You now have the file back from the accountant.
Accountant Transfer
After online transfer has been enabled, your accountant can use the Accountant
View to request that you send your books for review. Making a request in this
manner allows the accountant to indicate the cutoff date to be used. Your
status changes to Books Requested. After the accountant receives the books,
the Status changes to Books Received by Accountant.
Accountants must use the Accountant View to send and receive client files.
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