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Chapter 12
Minding Your Business with
Business Applications
In This Chapter
Discovering Business Applications
Tweaking an existing Business Application
Using a Business Application Template
This chapter focuses on Business Applications — a Premium Office Live
feature, consisting of mini-applications designed to help you organize
every aspect of your business. You find out about the various Business
Applications that come with Office Live, as well as the templates you can use
for creating your own customized Business Applications.
Before digging into the chapter, check out Chapter 8 (about Business Contact
Manager) and Chapter 9 (about Workspaces); those chapters provide you
with the basic concepts used in Business Applications.
Getting Down to Business Applications
A Business Application is nothing more than a fancy Workspace. The Essentials
account provides you with the capability to create Workspaces; it also gives
you (as a taste of Premium features) the use of a Business Application —
Business Contact Manager.
The Office Live Premium account supplies you with a number of Business
Applications to help you organize, manage, and share business information
with others. Business Applications come in three flavors:
Default out-of-the-box Business Applications: These are designed to be
useful just as they are, and most users won’t have to tweak them. (See
the section “Knowing the Default Business Applications.”)
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