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Out-of-the-box Business Applications that you modify: If you don’t find
a Business Application among the Office Live applications that suits you,
you can build one by modifying an existing application. For example, you
might add a new list that contains customers of only a specific product.
(See the section “Modifying an Existing Business Application.”)
Business Applications that you create using an Office Live Business
Application template: See the section “Using the Business Application
Knowing the Default Business
Before you learn how to use a Business Application, you’ll need to know
where to find them. Finding them is easy — Business Applications is a
toplevel item in the Home page Navigation bar. Click the Business Applications
link and the default Business Applications appear in the Navigation bar (as
shown in Figure 12-1).
How Business Applications are
similar to Workspaces
Workspaces and Business Applications have a
lot of similarities:
You can customize, filter, and sort the
various lists as much as you like. Then you can
save your customized view and print the list.
The Business Application opens to a
customizable dashboard.
The subscription owner of the Office Live
site is the person who is in charge of setting
up the Business Applications. The owner
can then assign rights to other users to
determine what users get to access which
If you’ve recently upgraded your Office Live
account from Essentials to Premium, make sure
all your Office Live users have access rights to
the various Business Applications. You’ll find all
the information you need to assign rights in
Chapter 9.
A Business Application is list-based; when
you open the application, you see a list of
records pertaining to that application.
A Business Application consists of several
pages; each page is represented by a tab
on the Application’s Home page.
You add items to, or edit, the list by opening
a form that contains all the fields available
to that item. Alternatively, you can open a
Datasheet to enter or edit information.
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