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2. Click the Business Application you’d like to modify.
3. Choose Create New from the Common Tasks drop-down list.
Here I’ve chosen to modify the Employee Directory, so the Employee
Directory — Create page opens (see Figure 12-2).
Figure 12-2:
an existing
You can add a lot of different tabs to an existing application. To save you
a bit of time, here’s a brief rundown.
You can add three types of libraries:
Document: Here’s where you can add documents so that you can
collaborate on, share, and monitor the versions of documents in a
shared location.
Form: For the more technically oriented folks in the crowd, you can
create a form library where you store XML-based business forms
(such as status reports or purchase orders).
Picture: Here’s where you can create an online album of the
pictures you want to share.
There are two types of Communications tabs:
Announcements: Create an announcements list when you want a
place to share news, status, and other short bits of information.
Discussion Board: Create a discussion board to provide a place for
newsgroup-style discussions. Discussion boards provide features
for managing discussion threads and ensuring that only approved
posts appear.
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