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There are two type of Tracking tabs:
Links: You can create a links list to include links to Web pages or
other resources that you want to share.
Survey: If someone has told you that if they want your opinion
they’ll ask for it — here’s the place where they’re asking. You can
create a survey to find out how the other members of your
organization feel about various issues and concerns.
4. Choose the type of tab you want to add or if none suit your purposes,
choose Custom List to create your own tab.
The New Page window opens.
5. Give the page a name and then click Create.
Faster than you can say Holy Guacamole, you return to the application —
where your new page now sits in all its glory.
6. Choose Create a Column from the Settings drop-down list.
Office Live calls the field a column because theoretically it can appear as
a column in a list view. At this point, there is only one field on your new
tab — so you’ll want to add a few more (see Figure 12-3).
7. Start creating the new field.
Office Live offers a few cool field options you can use:
Column Name: Give the field a name.
Type: Select the type for the field; there are many types from which
to choose. The type of field determines the type of information
that you can enter into it. The Single Line of Text option means
that you can only type one line of information whereas the Multiple
Lines of Text option means you can write a book. Choosing Choice
is not only hard to say; it also allows you to build a customized
drop-down list. The Lookup field allows you to add fields from an
existing list so that the two lists are linked together. For example, if
you are adding a Personal Information tab you create a Lookup
field based on the Employee Directory and include one of the
Employee Directory fields such as Employee Name.
Proceed with caution and choose the field type carefully! As of this
writing, you can’t change the field type after you select and save it.
Description: Give further clues about the field, or describe the type
of information you’re looking for.
Require That This Field Contains Information: You can make this
field a required one by selecting the Yes radio button.
Add to Default View: Check this option if you’d like to add the new
field to the default list view.
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