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Figure 12-4:
Changing a
new tab
You might find yourself in a situation where you’d like to see a lot of the same
information on two different tabs. For example, you might have an Employee
Directory that you allow all your Office Live users to access, but you’d also
like to have a second, similar tab that only you can access (say, one that
includes private information, including personal-contact information and pay
rates). So you create the new tab — and realize you’ll want to include all the
employee contact information that already exists in the Employee Directory.
You could cancel your golf game and spend an hour adding all those fields to
your new tab — or you could follow these steps:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar on the Office Live
Home page.
The Business Applications dashboard opens.
2. Click the Business Application you’d like to modify, and then select
the tab that contains the field you’d like to change.
At this point, you’re looking at the new tab you created.
3. Choose List Settings from the Settings drop-down list.
The Customize page opens.
4. Click Add from Existing Site Columns in the Columns section.
If you’ve already added a whole bunch of new columns, you might have
trouble locating that option — it’s buried all the way at the bottom of
the list.
The Add Columns from Site Columns page opens, as shown in Figure 12-5.
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