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5. Select an option from the Select Site Columns From drop-down list.
This area is a tad confusing. It would be easier if you were given choices
like Employee Directory or Business Contact Manager. The choices you
are given are a bit more generic — so you’ll see things like Core Contact
and Calendar Columns and Customer Support Fields. Don’t worry about
it too much; as you make selections, the corresponding fields appear in
the Available Site Columns box.
Figure 12-5:
fields to a
new tab.
6. Select the field(s) you’d like to add to your new tab and then click the
Add button.
Each field disappears from the left side and makes a magical
reappearance in the Columns to Add box. If a field appears there by mistake,
select it and then click the Remove button.
7. Click OK when you finish adding fields.
Voilá — you now have numerous fields available to you on the new tab.
Making a few changes to your fields
In the previous section, I stress the importance of doing your homework
before adding a bunch of new pages and fields to your Office Live
applications. However, it’s pretty certain that after you create them, you’ll want to
change things around a bit.
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