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Should you decide to modify one of the fields, here’s what you need to know:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar on the Office Live
Home page.
The Business Applications dashboard opens.
2. Click the Business Application you’d like to modify, and then select
the tab that contains the field you’d like to change.
At this point, you’re looking at the tab you’d like to modify.
3. Choose List Settings from the Settings drop-down list.
The Customize page opens.
4. Click the name of the field you want to change in the Column section.
5. Make your changes to the fields.
You don’t have as many field options as you did when you created the
field originally (see Figure 12-6). However, you can change the field name
and description, and make the field a required one.
6. Click OK to save your field changes.
You end up on the Customize page. When you open the tab, it shows the
changes you made to the field.
Figure 12-6:
changes to
new tabs
and fields.
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