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Using the Business Application
If you’re one of those people who just have to have things their own way, you
might be a bit disappointed with the Business Applications templates. The
templates are basically clones of the default Office Live Business Applications.
However, if you manage two companies — or have several totally separate
areas of your business — you might want to use one of those templates to help
organize the various parts of your business. Using templates gives you the
flexibility to mold Office Live as your business grows and/or a new need arises.
Follow these steps to open a Business Application template:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar on the Office Live
Home page.
2. Select Create New from the Common Tasks drop-down list.
The Business Applications – Create page opens.
3. Click the Applications and Workspaces link.
The Create New Application or Workspace page opens.
4. Select Business Applications from the Category drop-down list.
At last! This is the first distinction between an Essentials and a Premium
account. If you had an Essentials account, you’d have only one available
category — Workspaces.
5. Select a template from the drop-down list.
Life is full of choices — and you’ll certainly find a bunch of them here.
However, you might want to look at the originals first before using one of
these clones:
• Company Assets
• Competition Tracker
• Customer Support
• Document Manager
• Employee Directory
• Estimates
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