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Chapter 13
Time (Manager) Is on Your Side
In This Chapter
Understanding Time Manager
Scheduling and reservations
Managing your To-Dos
Working with shared resources
Planning for the holidays
Time Manager helps conquer four mundane — but important — parts of
your business day. You have a Scheduling and Reservations system so
that you can view everyone’s schedule — including your own — in one easy
place. You have an easy-to-access To-Do list so that none of your important
follow-ups fall through the cracks. As your company expands you might need
to keep track of the various company resources (such as a delivery truck or a
conference room) so your staff isn’t forced to fight over them. Finally, even
though most holidays come around once a year, you don’t want to be caught
off-guard when you come in to work — and find that your entire staff is at
home eating Thanksgiving dinner.
Time Manager is designed to help larger organizations with scheduling.
Chapter 7 discusses the Personal Calendar that is available with all Office
Live subscriptions; this chapter focuses on the Time Manager Business
Application, which is only available with Premium accounts.
Managing Your Time with Time Manager
Office Live designed Time Manager to help you manage your schedule. As your
business grows, so do your responsibilities. Adding employees is a mixed
blessing: They help you run your business but also represent one more area
of responsibility. It seems like everyone has too much to do — and not enough
time to do it with. Although Office Live can’t add another hour or two to your
day, it can help you stay better organized by giving you the use of the Time
Manager Business Application.
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