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Creating a Company Calendar
The Schedule and Reservations calendar in the Time Manager allows you to
keep track of your calendar and your resource reservations. You can also
view the calendars of others on your team. By viewing the current schedule,
you get a list of scheduled appointments as well as reserved resources.
You can create custom views of the information to best meet your business
needs. You can also add this list to the Time Manager dashboard so you can
review it side-by-side with any other information on the dashboard. You can
even see a calendar showing when your resources are being used.
Follow these steps to access the company calendar — and add a new activity:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar and then Time
The Time Manager dashboard opens (refer to Figure 13-1). This is the
place where you can view snapshots of the various Time Manager
elements in one centralized location.
2. Click the Schedule and Reservations tab.
As expected, the Schedule and Reservations tab opens. Figure 13-2
shows the Calendar view of the tab.
Figure 13-2:
Reservations tab.
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