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You might want to change views by selecting a different option from the
View drop-down list; the other views rely on list format rather than
calendar format.
• To change to a different week, click the up (right) or down (left)
arrows next to the Date.
• To change to the Day, Week (Person), Week (Group), or Month
calendars, click the appropriate links. The boldface link indicates
your current calendar.
3. Click the arrow next to New, and choose Schedule.
The New Appointment page opens, as shown in Figure 13-3.
If you are reserving one of the shared resources, you have the option of
selecting Reservations from the New drop-down list. Alternatively, you
can schedule the appointment and include the resource(s) that you
need in the Resource field.
4. Type all the appointment information.
The Appointment Name is the only mandatory field. The remaining
fields are optional but nonetheless important:
Title: Identify the appointment with a word or phrase; the title
appears on your calendar.
Participants: Select a name from the users listed on the left and
then click Add to include users in the appointment. The
appointment appears on the selected user’s calendar.
Figure 13-3:
a new
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