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come at noon; your assistant was up all night collating your great new sales
presentation. You usher Mr. Client into your conference room — only to find
it devoid of furniture and the floor covered in drop-cloths.
Hopefully you’ve never experienced this kind of nightmare. But if you work in
a large organization — or at least large enough to share resources — then
you’ve probably run into resource-scheduling conflicts.
Two of the Time Manager tabs — Resources and Manage Resource — help
you keep tabs on your resources so you don’t end up having employees
grappling on the floor for the keys to the conference room.
You actually schedule the resource on the Schedule and Reservations tab; as
I mentioned earlier, you can either add a resource to an appointment as you
schedule it or just schedule the resource itself. The Resource tab lists all the
resources your business has; the Manage Resource tab lets you group those
resources together. For example, you might have a projector, laptop, and
conference room that are shared among your various employees. Rather than
scheduling each item separately, you can group them together as one item —
Sales Conference — on the Manage Resources tab; that way you have just
one item to schedule.
Follow these steps to add a new resource:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar, and then click
Time Manager.
The Time Manager dashboard opens.
2. Click the Resources tab.
As expected, the Resources tab opens, as shown in Figure 13-6.
Figure 13-6:
track of your
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