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3. Click the New icon.
The Resources – New Resource page opens; see Figure 13-7.
4. Fill in some information about the resource.
There’s not a whole lot to input here. Give the resource a good name; if
that doesn’t do the trick, add a more detailed description.
5. Click OK to save the Resource and return to the Resource list.
At this point, you can sit back and calm down, knowing you’re never
going to run into a scheduling conflict (okay, never say never , but relax).
If two or more of your resources are commonly lumped together in a
larger unit, however, continue with the rest of these steps.
6. Click the Manager Resources tab.
The Manage Resources tab opens.
7. Click the New icon.
The Manage Resources: New Resources Group page opens, as shown in
Figure 13-8.
8. Fill in the pertinent information.
Group Name: Assign a name to the group.
Resources: Select two or more of your resources from the left
column and then click the Add button.
Comment: Just in case you don’t think the other employees will
understand which resources belong to the group, you can spell it
out for them here.
9. Click OK to save the group and return to the Manage Resources tab.
Figure 13-7:
Creating a
new shared
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