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Figure 13-8:
Creating a
group of
Celebrating the Holidays
As likely as not, your employees have already committed a list of national
holidays to memory — and can give you an exact countdown until the next
occurrence. As the owner of the business, however, you might get so busy
that you have to schedule yourself a coffee break.
Holidays are further complicated by the fact that they are just so darned
inconsistent. Thanksgiving always fall on a Thursday — but is it the third or
fourth Thursday in November? You need an abacus to calculate religion
holidays such as Easter and Passover. Thank heavens that Office Live comes
equipped with a handy dandy list of the most common holidays.
In addition to including a list of the common holidays, you can create new
holidays on the Holiday list. You might be scratching your head and
wondering whether you missed the Act of Congress that declared your birthday a
national holiday. However, maybe you want to include your employees’
birthdays on the Holiday list — even if you still make them work that day. Your
employees will also find it useful to know which days they have off if (say)
the Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday.
Adding a new holiday to the Holiday list is easy — wrapping all those
presents is the hard part:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar and then click
Time Manager.
The Time Manager dashboard opens.
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