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2. Click the Holiday tab.
The Holiday tab, shown in Figure 13-9, appears.
3. Click the New icon.
The Holidays – New Holiday page opens.
4. Fill in the pertinent details.
A new Office Live holiday consists of four fields; Holiday Name and Date
are required ones.
Holiday Name: Give the holiday a name; for example, you might call
your birthday “Give a Present to the Boss Day.”
Date: It’s hard to celebrate a holiday without a date; here’s where
you fill one in. You have to use the yyyy/mm/dd format; there is no
clever little calendar to help you.
Category: The categories consist of Japan, United States, Germany,
France, and United Kingdom. Optionally, you can create your own
category, which is a good idea unless you’ve decided to start
celebrating Bastille Day.
Non-Working Day: Office Live assumes that you have to work on all
new holidays — boy, do I hate that assumption! However, if that
assumption is inaccurate, check the Mark as Non-Working day option
to give yourself — and the rest of the company — the day off.
5. Click OK to save the holiday and return to the holiday list.
You might want to linger for a moment or two, dreaming of the upcoming
Figure 13-9:
The Holiday
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