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Creating a New Project
When using Office Live, the first step in project management is to identify the
project and create a record of the project details. Once created, you can
associate milestones, tasks, and issues to the project to help you track the project
from start to finish. All your projects appear in a list on the Projects tab of
the Project Manager. You can customize the list to best suit your business
needs. You can also add the project list to the Project Manager dashboard so
you can view a recap of your projects, along with any outstanding milestones,
tasks, and issues.
Not sure how to customize the Projects list view and or add it to the
dashboard? Flip to Chapter 9, where I tell you how to do it.
Follow these steps to create a new project:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar of your Office Live
home page and then choose Project Manager.
The Project Manager dashboard opens.
2. Click the Projects tab.
Figure 14-2 shows the Projects tab.
Figure 14-2:
The Project
Projects tab.
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