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Figure 14-3:
A Project
Getting Mileage out of Your
Project Milestones
Project Milestones is a list in the Project Manager in which you can record
and track the progress of major dates and stages. When you create a new
milestone, you specify the project that it belongs to. This association allows
you to see the entire picture when viewing a Project record. You’ll also see
the Milestone list on the Project Management dashboard.
By definition, a milestone is a significant event or stage. Rome wasn’t built in
a day — or so I’m told. The Romans probably had milestones along the way:
get zoning approval, find a large rock quarry, arrange for slave labor. They
probably had a large toga party every time they achieved one of those
milestones; if they were using Office Live, the project manager would indicate
that the milestone had been reached so other users could celebrate silently
in their cubicles. (Ah, progress.)
Follow the bouncing ball to set Project Milestones:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar of your Office Live
Home page and then click Project Manager.
The Project Manager dashboard opens.
2. Click the Project Milestones tab.
The Project Milestones tab opens according to plan; see Figure 14-4.
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