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Figure 14-4:
tab of the
Office Live
3. Click the New icon.
The Project Milestones – New Item page opens (see Figure 14-5).
4. Fill in the necessary information.
Okay, stop complaining. You only have four things to add here, and only
one — the Project Milestone name — is mandatory.
Project Milestone: Name the Milestone with a word or phrase to
help you identify it. You might use something along the lines of
“Materials Ordered” or “Carthaginian Slaves Arrived.”
You might find it a good idea to use a standard naming convention
for your Project Milestone. You can sort the various Project
Milestones on the Project Milestones tab by name; it might prove
useful so see all your Material Orders grouped together on the list.
Project: Although this field is not required, it’s an important one.
This field ties the milestone to an existing project. You’ll find all
the Office Live projects by clicking the drop-down arrow.
Due Date: The date on which the milestone is due.
Complete: Indicates whether the milestone is completed,
regardless of due date.
Comments: Comments about the milestone.
5. Click OK to save your changes and return to the Project Milestones tab.
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