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Chapter 15
Selling Your Heart Out
In This Chapter
Working with Estimates
Supporting your customers
Keeping an eye on the competition
Chapter 8 discusses Business Contact Manager, the business application
that you can use to track potential sales opportunities; this chapter
focuses on what goes into making an actual sale. You start by creating quotes
and fulfilling orders. Then, once you have the customer’s dollar in your hot
little fist, you find various ways to keep your customer happy — and (hope-
fully) coming back for more! Finally, as much as you’d probably like to ignore
them, your competitors are often lurking in the background, just dying to
take one — or all — of your customers away from you. This chapter helps
you deal with those demons as well.
Selling with the Sales
Business Application
Office Live designed the Sales application to give you the tools you need to
make sales to new customers — and to make sure they stay your customers.
You can get to the Sales application by following these steps:
1. Click Business Applications in the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page.
The Business Applications page opens, featuring the sales dashboard.
All the Office Live Business Applications are listed in the Navigation bar.
2. Click Sales from the Navigation bar.
The Sales application opens. In addition to a dashboard, the Sales
application features three components in the Navigation bar: Competition
Tracker, Customer Support, and Estimates.
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