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Can I quote you on that?
The Quotation list provides you with a list of your currently outstanding
quotes. After you create a quote, you can update its status and track it
through the sales process by checking its status in the Quotation list.
Providing a quote to a customer is useful in two ways. Obviously, the
customer needs to know what he or she should expect to pay for your product
or service. In addition, when you use Office Live, any of your employees can
access the quote. That way, if you’re tied up with any one of the millions of
details that consume your time as a business owner, any one of your
employees can step in and help close the deal.
Follow these steps to create a new quote:
1. Click Business Applications in the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page; then click Sales, and then Estimates.
You have now landed smack dab in the middle of the Quotations tab —
which is exactly where you want to be.
2. Click the New icon.
The New Quotation page opens, as shown in Figure 15-2.
3. Fill in the juicy details.
The only required fields are Title, Account, and Effective From. Here’s a
Quote Title: Supply a name or brief description for the quote so
you can identify it later.
Account: You can’t have a quote if you don’t have a customer.
Choose one of your Business Contact Manager Account records
from the drop-down list.
Contact: From among the Business Contact Manager contacts,
choose a specific person you’re dealing with.
Sales Person: Unless your company consists of a one-person sales
force — you — you’ll find it helpful to choose the name of one of
your employees from the drop-down list.
Effective From: The day that the offer goes into effect.
Valid Through: The last day for which the offer is valid.
Status: Choose a status of Draft, Submitted, Rejected, Accepted,
or Closed.
Notes: If you have a few other things on your mind regarding the
quote, here’s where you can put them.
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