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Figure 15-2:
Creating an
Office Live
4. Click OK.
You immediately return to the Quotation tab where you can note with
pride the addition of your newly created quote in the Quotations list.
May I take your order, please?
Not everything follows along as smoothly as we hope, but you can certainly
hope that your quotes will progress to a full-blown order — and help nudge it
in that direction.
Typically, here’s the way your business progresses:
You do a bit of advertising to attract new business.
You receive a call from another business that is interested in using your
products or services.
You provide the other business with a quote — which you add to the
Sales application’s Quotations list.
A few days later, the other company calls back to accept the estimated
costs in the quote.
Of course, a bit of price haggling occurs somewhere in the process until you
and the other company see eye to eye on the negotiated price. At this point,
you can celebrate your new sale — or panic about what comes next.
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