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Figure 15-4:
Filling out
the Order
5. Click OK to save the Order Information and return to the Order
Information list.
When you return to the Order Information list, the total of your order
shows up loud and clear in the Total Order column — even though you
didn’t enter any information into that field. Office Live calculates this
field by multiplying the cost per unit by the quantity of units.
To ensure that you’re not spinning anyone’s wheels, you’ll want to go back to
the original quotation and change the quote status to Accepted.
Supporting Your Customers
You received a request for one of your products, you issued a quote, and it
was accepted. You then created an order and the customer received it right
on schedule. But wait — why does that phone keep ringing? Uh-oh. A strident
voice on the other end of the phone is breaking into your idyllic daydreams.
Sound familiar? All too often products break — and you need to fix the
problem immediately. No worries, mate. Office Live is up to the challenge.
Service requests
Sometimes you can fix a customer’s woes with a little patience — “That’s
right, Mr. Big, the product works much better when it’s plugged in.” Other
times, however, you’ll have to wait to resolve the problem — and the
customer is going have to wait right along with you.
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