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Follow these steps to create your very own FAQ page:
1. Click Business Applications in the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page; then click Sales.
The Sales page opens.
2. Click Customer Support from the Navigation bar.
The Customer Support application opens to the Service Requests tab.
3. Click the Support FAQs tab.
The Support FAQs tab opens, as shown in Figure 15-7.
4. Click the New icon.
The New Support FAQ page opens; see Figure 15-8. The good news is
that there are only three fields to fill in. The bad news is that you’ll want
to spend a lot of time with your wording so others can fully understand
the questions — and, more importantly — the answers.
Question: Fill in the question; needless to say, this is a required field.
Typically you’ll want to sort your FAQs into a usable order. You
might consider numbering your questions or starting all similar
questions with the same phrase (such as “How do I” or “When
ordering”) so like items appear together.
Question Details: Here’s where you can clarify the question by
adding a few more details.
Answer: The answer that employees should provide to customers
who inquire about the issue or service addressed in the FAQ.
5. Click OK to save the Support FAQ and return to the Support FAQs list.
Figure 15-7:
The Support
FAQ tab.
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