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Figure 15-8:
A typical
Support FAQ
Getting savvy with the Knowledge Base
You might think of a FAQ as a small answer to a little question, and a
Knowledge Base article as a large solution to a big problem. A Knowledge
Base is actually a library of articles designed to help you solve the larger
support issues in your business.
For example, say that you manufacture the proverbial widget. Widgets are
quite expensive, and you don’t like them returned without first determining
that your customer isn’t causing the error. And, if the widget does need to be
returned, you want to make sure that the customer packs it correctly — and
sends it to the right place. By writing instructions, and then uploading them
to a Knowledge Base article, you ensure that all your reps know exactly how
to return those broken widgets.
Follow these steps to set up a Knowledge Base:
1. Click Business Applications in the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page; then click Sales.
The Sales page opens.
2. Click Customer Support from the Navigation bar.
The Customer Support application opens to the Service Requests tab.
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