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3. Click the Knowledge Base tab.
The Knowledge Base list opens, as shown in Figure 15-9. The familiar
Word and Web-page icons show in the Type Column. That’s because
you can either upload a document or create one online.
Figure 15-9:
Base list.
4. Create the new Knowledge Base article using one of the following
Click New to create an online article. The New Wiki page (see
Figure 15-10) opens. Give the article a name, type the contents
of the article, and then click Create to save it and return to the
Knowledge Base list. The Web icon (meaning it’s a Web page)
appears to the left of the new item.
If you’ve already written the information in Word or another word
processor, copy the contents of the article and then paste it into
the Article Content area.
Click Upload and then click the Browse button to navigate to the
existing document. Select the document, and click Open to upload
the file to your Office Live site. The Knowledge Base form opens;
give the article a name and then click OK to save it to the
Knowledge Base list. A Word icon appears next to the article,
indicating it’s a Word documents users can download.
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