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Figure 15-10:
Creating a
Base article.
Keeping Up with the Competition
The Sales application includes one other module: the Competition Tracker.
The purpose of the Competition Tracker is to keep track of your competition
by knowing who they are, what they sell, and any other information you can
collect on them.
The Office Live Competition Tracker gives you so much information about
your competition that you might start wondering whether Microsoft uses
these methods to track their competition. If your competition consists of a
Mom & Pop store down the street, you might find parts of the Competition
Tracker to be overkill. However, if you want to keep up with the Joneses —
or at least your competition — you’ll find the Competition Tracker to be
extremely useful.
Know thy competition
It’s good to know who your competition is — and what they are up to. If your
competition is selling a product you carry at rock-bottom prices, you might
use the information to have your own sale. If your competition is running
classes, you might want to start running a few of your own.
Think of the Competition tab of the Competition Tracker as the place you go
for all the inside scoop on the enemy. You can tell at a glance who they are —
and where to find out even more information if necessary. You can even rate
them according to risk factor.
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