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Is there any intelligence in the news?
As the owner of a business, you’re constantly being bombarded with
information. You probably can’t process all that information at once but would like to
keep track of it for future reference. The purpose of the News Intelligence list
in the Competition Tracker is to store news items about your competitors for
exactly that purpose.
Imagine picking up the morning paper and seeing an article about one of your
competitors. Maybe they’ve designed a new product, or maybe they’re
sponsoring a charity event. This might set the wheels in your head in motion
because now you’re thinking that now is the time to launch that new product,
or to run that event you’ve been contemplating. Unfortunately, all too often
those thoughts get buried in everyday details and hidden away — and are
soon forgotten. By keeping track of them in the News Intelligence list, you can
keep them handy to refer to later.
To store a piece of information on the News Intelligence list, follow these steps:
1. Click Business Applications in the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page; then click Sales.
The Sales page opens.
2. Click Competition Tracker from the Navigation bar.
The Competition Tracker application opens.
3. Click the News Intelligence tab.
The News Intelligence tab opens; see Figure 15-13.
Figure 15-13:
The News
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