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4. Click the New icon.
The New News Intelligence page opens (see Figure 15-14). You follow the
usual drill; only the title of the News Item is required.
New Item Title: Typically, this is where you would type the headline
that you read.
Company: Select the name of one of your competitors from the
Competition list.
Category: Select Breaking News, Financial Info, Marketing, Product,
or Other.
Source: Fill in the Web address associated with the item.
Body: You can type either the content of the news item or a
summary of it.
If an article about the news item appears on the Internet, copy the text
from the Web and paste it here. Web sites — particularly those
containing news items — are volatile; the article may no longer be available the
next time you want to read it.
5. Click OK to save the News Intelligence item and return to the News
Intelligence list.
Figure 15-14:
The News
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