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4. Click the New icon.
The New Product Information page opens, as shown in Figure 15-16. The
only necessary field is the name of the competing product.
Competitor’s Product: Give the name of the competitor’s product.
Threat Level: Choose High, Medium, or Low.
URL: Fill in the Web site address where you can find additional
product information.
Price: The price per unit of the competitor’s product.
Company: Select a company from the Competition list.
Our Product: Choose your company’s equivalent product from the
Business Contact Manager product list.
Feature Parity: Describe how the competing product is similar to
your product.
Strength: List the strengths of the competitor’s product.
Weakness: List the weaknesses of the competitor’s product.
Marketing Strategy: Discuss the strategy that your competitor uses
to market its product.
Customer Base: Describe to whom your competitor is marketing
the product.
Remarks: Fill in any other thoughts you might have about the
competing product.
5. Click OK to save the Product Information and return to the Product
Information list.
Figure 15-16:
Keeping an
eye on
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