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Chapter 16
We’re Going to the Library
In This Chapter
Adding documents
Viewing documents
Checking out documents
Working with multiple document versions
The Document Manager is the Business Application you’ll turn to when
you want to share documents with the rest of your company. You can
use Document Manager to store, share, and supervise the versions of your
business documents. In addition, as with a traditional library, you can decide
who is allowed to check out documents — and you can monitor what kind of
shape they’re in when they return.
Managing Your Documents with
the Document Manager
If you’ve ever tried to e-mail a large attachment to a colleague, you know that
a seemingly easy task can run into a whole bunch of snags. The file might be
too big to get past your ISP — or, if you can send it out, it might be too big for
your recipient’s ISP. If the file is large, it might take a long time to transmit —
during which you don’t receive any other e-mail. Your recipient might have
an aggressive spam blocker or company e-mail policies that prohibit
receiving file attachments.
By using the Document Library you can create a library of documents and
graphics that can be shared by all members of your staff. For example, you
might be collaborating with a colleague who works from home on a brochure.
Or perhaps you’re building a custom-ordered widget for your best customer
and want to show off the documentation on the specs, as well as some
sketches of the final product. By placing documents and graphics in the
Document Library, you — and anyone else you authorize — can view files
whenever and wherever needed.
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