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You can find the Document Manager — and add a few documents to it — by
following these steps:
1. Click Business Applications from the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page.
2. Click Document Manager from the Business Applications Navigation bar.
The Document Manager opens to the Dashboard. The Document
Manager consists of three tabs:
Dashboard: You can customize the dashboard to create a
comprehensive overview of the information stored in Document Manager.
Document Library: This is where you store your documents.
Picture Library: This is where you store your graphics. See Figure 16-1.
3. Click the tab to which you’d like to add a file.
4. Click the Upload drop-down arrow and choose whether to upload one
or multiple documents or pictures.
• If you’re in the Picture Library, click Upload Picture or Upload
Multiple Pictures.
• If you’re in Document Library, click Upload Document or Upload
Multiple Documents.
5. Upload your file(s).
• If you chose to upload a single file, click the Browse button to
navigate to the file location, select the file, and click Open.
• If you chose to upload multiple files, the Upload Document page
opens as shown in Figure 16-2. Use the pane on the left to navigate
to the appropriate folder, check the files you want to upload in the
right pane, and then click OK.
Figure 16-1:
The Office
Live Picture
tab of the
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