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Figure 16-2:
6. Click Check In when prompted to upload your file(s).
Like the local library, you can “check” documents in and out of Office
Live so you can keep track of them if you have multiple people accessing
the same document.
Depending on the size and number of files, you might have to wait a
moment or two for the file(s) to upload. You end up back on the Library
tab where your files now appear, ready to be accessed by the rest of
your groupies.
You can add a Library page to any workspace or Business Application to hold
lists of your documents, pictures and forms. Then, you can upload and
download documents to and from your computer and the Document Library.
Chapter 10 shows you how to synchronize those libraries with Outlook. Not
sure how to add a new page to a workspace or application? Chapter 9 helps
you add one quicker than you can say open sesame !
You can add graphic and document files to a Library page in the same way
you add documents to the Document Manager tabs. However, unless you
turn on the Version feature (see the “Verifying Your Versions” section later
in this chapter), you’re not prompted to check in the document.
Dealing with Your Documents
After you add documents and graphics to the Document Manager, you’ll
probably find it even more useful than the local library. You can view your
files, save a copy to your own desktop, create new ones, and even send them
out to your adoring masses of customers and fans.
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